This week we chat to the star of our latest campaign the lovely Sarah, she oozes style and grace and represents that even in your fifties you can still dress fashionably with comfort.

We asked her about family, food and fashion and find out what means most to her.

1. What is your favourite thing about the month of August?
It's lighter in the morning and Spring is coming! Yeah!

2. What is your tip for dressing in August?
I do layer dressing as it tends to start off cold in the morning and then warm up so I can then peel off a layer or two as it heats up and that way you don't catch a cold.

3. What’s the best thing about having a big family?
I'm one of 5 children so there was always someone to play with and we all have a great laugh and tell stories when we get together. Some of our misadventures have gone into family folklore and the younger generations love to sit and listen as we spin a few tales.

4. What is your favourite family recipe for this time of year?
A chicken, ham and leek pie that originally came from one of the CWA cookbooks - it's really tasty and I make my own pastry.

5. What did you love about your most recent Millers shoot?
Everyone from Millers is great to work with and always put the clothes together really well. Plus it was a fabulous location and very inspiring! Love Paul who does the hair and make-up - he has a special hair piece that he uses for me and always makes all the models look great. It's all about good team work and that makes for a great day and good photos, I love it!

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