Did you know the Blue Mountains is blue because of all the Eucalyptus trees? The atmosphere is so rich in eucalyptus that it turns the particles in the air blue!

Last week, in the spirit of our Everyday Blues collection, we visited the Blue Mountains!
The Blue Mountains is only a 2 hour train trip from Sydney and is popular for sightseeing. Around this time of year, it is cold! So, if you are thinking about a visit, make sure you rug up in a big warm jacket, and have plenty of layers underneath.
Sight-seeing, tea and coffee, shopping were high on our list of things to do. After a 2 hour commute, tea and coffee was our biggest priority!

Afternoon tea and shopping in Leura

We had a wonderful time there! We walked up and down the street and popped in and out of cute little antique shops. We also had the most scrumptious hot chocolate at a place called Josephine’s. After we had our fill of tea and coffee, it was time to go sight-seeing!

Three Sisters, Katoomba

You really can’t go to the Blue Mountains without visiting The Three Sisters! But be warned it can be incredibly windy this time of the year. Make sure you rug up! I wore my micro-fleece jacket and layered on a puffer vest to break the wind.  I was zipped all the way up to keep my neck protected from the cold winds.

Jurassic Rainforest, Katoomba

To visit this famous rainforest, we were posed with two options; a laborious and very steep walk south or a thrilling 52 degree incline train ride that would get us there in 10 minutes. We chose the latter! The train ride took us through a cliff-side tunnel and we got off at the ancient rainforest. The air was unbelievable fresh, the flora and fauna flourished. It was fantastically peaceful and when you listened carefully you could hear the birds whistling.

Charles Darwin walk, Wentworth Falls

The Charles Darwin walk is an easy stroll that’s roughly a 3.5km loop. The main attraction is its magical waterfalls. Knowing that I was about to get my heart rate up, I decided to peel back the layers and leave my micro-fleece jacket in the car and wear my vest in its place. A vest is great for going on light walks because it keeps your core warm and your arms free to move.

From left to right: Vest, Top, Parka, Jacket & Pant

At Millers, we love hearing about fantastic places to visit. Have you been anywhere lately that is a must do this Winter?