The fragrant world of Herbal Teas

I have always been a tea drinker, strictly black leaf tea with milk, but recently I have noticed a lot of my work colleagues drinking an array of fragrant herbal teas. The exotic aromas and unique spices had me intrigued so I decided to ask around in the office to discover what everyone was drinking and why? I walked around with a notepad and jotted down the responses to my questions:
“What herbal tea do you drink and why?”

Why not try something new?

The responses were varied, the reasons behind drinking a specific tea were a combination of simply enjoying the flavour and/or therapeutic reasons. After researching the benefits of Herbal tea I discovered these interesting facts;

Sleepless nights > Chamomile

Common cold > Elderflower

Stressed > Lemon Balm  

Slow metabolism > Green Tea

Nauseous > Ginger tea   

Bloated > Peppermint tea   

Eden, who is a Herbal Tea enthusiast, suggested I visit a Tea shop so on her advice I did exactly that and I now I have a new favourite shop to visit.

My Tea shop  Experience

There is something different for everyone.

As soon as I took a step inside  my local Tea shop I was taken aback, it had such an amazing ambiance. There was so much to take in, the smells, the colours, the vast amount of tea varieties, tea sets and every little gadget you could think of related to tea. A lovely sales assistant, showed me around, I tried some freshly brewed chai tea and then went about exploring by myself. With every new tea tin I opened a new aroma came wafting out. I finally decided on a delicious vanilla mint tea and a Ginger Spice Black tea. I also purchased a tea strainer and 2 lovely oriental tea canisters to keep my tea leaves airtight.

So next time you visit local shopping centre or grocery store try something different and pick up a delicious herbal tea. There are so many varieties and flavours too choose from. Teas to lift you up, calm you down, teas for all occasions, so enjoy!!

Till next time, Julie