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Why we love it!

Blush is a lighter, fresh shade of pink – perfect for refreshing your Autumn wardrobe. We are loving it this season as it’s the ideal foundation colour on which to build an outfit. A light sorbet shade, it compliments all complexions, so you can make it the star or the understudy of your look.

How to wear it!

Blush works spectacularly with most colours when outfitting as it functions as a neutral base colour. Explore the less is more approach and complete the look with a classic black, white and beige palette for days at the office and more formal events. For off-duty days and weekends, set it ablaze with a bold print or strong colour to create a striking contrast. When accessorising, echo the soft shades of blush with a statement necklace and simple earrings or vice versa, to ensure that the accessories don’t overpower your look.

Making your outfit blush-ready!

                                                       Stage 1: Add it as a basic and staple

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Begin your blush journey by injecting key pieces into your look. Keep it simple and sophisticated with a classic palette of black and white to ensure your colours aren’t clashing. Try layering with blush separates and basics and see how it works with your favourite wardrobe staples.

Stage 2: Blushing head to toe!

Begin the blush immersion! Try building an outfit that incorporates more than two light pink pieces, and layer them to create a subtle tonal contrast. With its soft tints, it’s almost impossible to make your pieces clash, so try wearing a top and bottom in the same colour family and see how it looks! If it’s not to your personal flavour, try breaking it up with a belt or accessories, all while maintaining your pastel palette.
Stage 3: Take blush to the office

You’re definitely ready for the next step! Blush goes beautifully with tailored office pieces, such as jackets and shirts, so style them together for a feminine take on classic office wear. Our Crepe Jacket is gorgeously coloured with petal power, and is ready to make your outfit bloom! For the office, you can style your look to be head-to-toe pastel, or you can team blush with a black or white palette to change it up.

Stage 4: Combine with a pastel palette

It’s time to meet the family! Blush pairs beautifully with other pastels, so create an outfit dipped in gelato shades for a cool take on Autumn. You don’t want to mix too many pastels together, as you want each colour to speak for itself. Try mixing blush with one other pastel, such as mint green or lemon sorbet, and see how it looks. You can also keep a head to toe blush outfit, and accessorise with a nude bag or jewels in a rich shade of pink.