Making sure the grandkids are having lots of fun can be tricky business, especially when you weren't expecting them. But if there is anything we've learnt from grand-parenting, it’s to prepare for the unexpected! 

Introducing the Fun Jar. 

The Millers Family Fun Jar

The Fun Jar works a little like a lucky dip. Instead of picking out prizes, the kids get to pick out fun activities created by you.

It’s simple to do, doesn't need to cost a thing, and is surprisingly a lot of fun to do! The best part about it is that you can completely tailor the activities to suit you and your little one.

1. Find the perfect container.
A “Fun” container can be anything you like. It can be an old Milo tin, an empty coffee jar, or a plain old lunchbox. We've strategically used a see through jar so that the kids can be excited about all the other activities awaiting them on their next visit.

2. Create a “Fun” label.
Kids are very visual creatures and will find your Fun Jar absolutely irresistible if you decorate it.

3. Create your “Fun” activities.
There are so many wonderful activities to entertain the kids with. But the secret to a successful Fun Jar is to tailor it to the interests of your little one. Little girls will love singing, while young boys will enjoy adventure focused activities. To get the ball rolling, why not download our list of activities here.

4. Make sure the activities are realistic and achievable
If you’re on a budget, stick to activities that get their imagination going such as writing a poem.

5. Cut each activity out and pop them in the jar.

Now it’s your turn to play! Comment below to share some activities you think the kids will like.