Last week we met Wendy at our Hurstville store. Looking fabulous and dressed head-to-toe in Millers we knew we’d have a lot in common. Wendy is no stranger to Millers, in fact she’s been a devoted customer for nearly two decades. A true fashionista through-and-through! She even remembers the days when we use to sell men’s fashion. Just ask her husband, he’s still got the cargoes to prove it! 

Today on the blog, we spend some time getting to know the lovely and very modest, Wendy.

Meet the lovely Wendy.

Have you always loved fashion?


I use to work in fashion at Anthony Hordern & Sons. I was one of the youngest assistant buyers for the lingerie department! To keep up with my love for fashion, I would layby the things I loved until I could afford to buy them. 

These days, I enjoy visiting Millers because they always have new and exciting items at reasonable prices. I know my clothes and know that there are brands who charge people top dollar for the exact same quality you can expect from Millers.

I love the fashion at Millers because I know I am getting the best value for me. I’ve got so many Millers items I’ve had to start taking over my son’s old wardrobe (he’s moved out… for now).

It’s Winter right now, how do you shake off the Winter Blues?

Shop! Every Thursday my husband and I will go shopping. We start at Hurstville for groceries and I will always make sure I pop in to see if there is something I like. Then, we go to East Gate! That’s when I’ll have another browse to see if there is anything else I want. My husband is so use to this and knows that one visit will quickly turn into two some days!

What’s your trick to feeling fabulous?

Now that I am retired, I am able to enjoy a little more socialising. My son introduced my husband and I to the world of cruises and ever since then we treat ourselves to one cruise every year.
On my last cruise, my dear friend and I both brought the same black sequined top from Millers. We both loved the top and joked about who got to wear it when. 

I also love seeing friends for lunch and pottering around the home, you could say I’m a bit of a home body!

We’re also members of our local Probus club. It’s a club where we have monthly meet-ups with lots of activities. The last one I went on was a “Mystery Tour”. All you had to do was buy a $2.50 train ticket and meet everyone at a certain time. You’d be amazed by how far you can go.

The best part of that trip was trying to guess with your friends where you are going. It’s a lot of fun and we always end up somewhere nice for lunch. You’d be surprised by the many wonderful places you never knew existing. We also meet up for diners too! That’s when I can wear my latest Millers outfit.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Never spend out of your means. Mum has always taught me to save. Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

We were inspired by Wendy, so here's an outfit we think she would love!

Shop left to right: Coatigan, Top, Necklace, Shoes & Pant.

Since our chat, we are proud to call Wendy a friend and hope to have many more moments getting to know the lovely ladies who visit our shops. 
Until next time, make sure you look out for one of our Millers Bloggers! They can’t wait to meet you!

X The Millers team