Michelle Merdzan fashion and lifestyle writer for the fantastic website Pushing Fifty tells us about her exciting styling career and her latest TV debut on ‘The Couch’, a segment dedicated to inspiring over 50’s to look fabulous and how not to spend a fortune.

Left to right: Carolyn & Michelle of Pushing Fifty.
The segment on ‘The Couch’ came along as I was introduced to the host Fred Mafrica back in December. We chatted about my website and I explained to him how I was trying to inspire more women to feel good about themselves. I really wanted to highlight how you don't have to be spending a fortune to look fabulous. Also I know a lot of women approaching 50 struggle with what to wear and what’s appropriate. I just wanted to reassure women to make their own unique style, experiment with different looks and most of all just have fun.

Fred thought this would be a great segment to have on his show and offered me to be part of it from June to November talking about styling and fashion. I have always been a bargain hunter and a lot of my friends are always asking me where I find all these great clothes. To be honest they were really surprised when I mentioned I shopped at Millers as they said they thought Millers was for more mature ladies and they never would have thought to shop there.

After seeing what I have been purchasing I have definitely changed their minds as some said they will be looking in Millers in the future. Too many people worry about what others are thinking of them this is why I suggested on the couch episode that everyone should go to http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com.au to see what this guy from NY is doing, it's very inspiring.

I'm loving doing ‘The Couch’ at the moment and I have had such great support and feedback from friends about what I'm sharing and talking about on the show. It's very relaxed and fun and it helps people get to know my personality as they see the real person behind all the photos.

Carolyn: Work wear

We just loved the leopard print blouse as these are always on trend. It looked fabulous with the black jacket and pants. This work look was simple and stylish but not over the top. Also a comfortable choice for around the office. Again the jacket could be worn with a skirt to give a different look or with a dress.

Michelle: Work wear 

I love anything black and white so I chose the patterned shirt and pants which I dressed up with the red accessories. This gave the look a bit of colour and it looked really smart. I think at work your appearance says a lot about you so I always go for a bit more effort than not enough.

Carolyn: Casual

Carolyn just loved the beige leather look jacket. It is very versatile and can be worn with pants, jeans or even over a dress depending on what type of look you’re going for. The top that Carolyn chose with the heart motive had some gold in it which really picked up the colours of the jacket. This just looked really fab for a casual look.

Michelle: casual

I was so happy to find the black quilted jacket that zipped up. I really feel the cold in winter so this was perfect. Not only was it super warm but it looked great, I teamed it up with the denim leggings which again are just great. These are the best ones I have found yet. They are really comfortable, warm and they are a good quality fabric. I also chose the Turtle neck jumper which was gorgeous in the off white colour. It really went well with my jacket and leggings and I still felt dressed up even though it was pretty casual.

Carolyn: evening

This gorgeous dress just stood out with its pop of colour. At first Carolyn was not sure about it with her blonde hair and fair skin but it was absolutely stunning. We have had so much feedback about this dress and jacket already. It would be great as an evening out for dinner or dressy enough to wear to a wedding. Overall this was our pick of the bunch we both loved it.

Michelle: evening

I chose the striped throw because I absolutely love these. I have a couple of others from Millers too. I couldn't resist in dressing this up to give it a real glamorous feel. It looks super stylish with the black and gold clutch and the beautiful accessories. It just goes to show you can dress most things up or down.

To find out more about Michelle and Carolyn’s styling adventures head to http://www.pushingfifty.net and for fashion inspirations head to our ‘Inspire me’ page
To keep up to date with the couch head to their website http://thecouch.com.au/

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