You can achieve a lot with a humble peg! You can use them to hang clothes, seal packets, clip notes, and you can even use them to hang your cards and small decorations with.

Getting crafty with pegs is not only a great way to be creative; it is also a fun activity you can entertain your grand-kids with.

This week we have a go at making Peg Friends and Peg Families.

1. Create new animal friends

Some of our new safari friends.
What you need:
- 3 wooden pegs per animal
- Paper to draw bodies, alternatively download ours here
- Pencils or makers

- Click, download and print our animal bodies
- Colour in animal bodies
- Peg legs and play!

2. Peg the whole family

Have fun creating the whole family. 
You need:
- 1 peg per family member
- String
- Marker to colour faces in

- Create a face on each peg. We’ve stuck on little eyes for fun!
- Wrap each peg and colour in.

Do you have any cute peg activities to share? Let us know below or on our Facebook page.