Over the past few days Miller’s wonderful team of regional managers have come together for a conference at Miller’s headquarters for the introduction of the tran-seasonal range to the team and an update on the next chapter of Millers. 

The conference has proved to be a success as many conversations were had about how to better our relationship with customers and give back to our customers that give so much. The team not only manage, but are also stylish Miller’s customers as well, who want a fabulous and comfortable range for their customers. 

The three lovely ladies; Beck, Mon and Jenny, have given us a behind the scenes insight on the conference and might have even let a sneak peek of the new tran-seasonal range slip! Beck and Mon are part of the team in Australia, and we were lucky enough to speak to Jenny from New Zealand, who gave us an insight into what’s happening with Millers in NZ!

Left to Right: Jenny, Beck and Mon

What do you enjoy most about your job?

B – The people – both the team I work with, and the team that work with me. The customers treat each other like family; it’s a wonderful part of the job. 
M – I get to work with amazing women every day and meet incredible customers. They are very special customers - they are loyal and like a family, it’s so great to have that. 
J – The people, the team and the customers. They are so lovely, I’m so lucky. Many customers know the names of the store staff and the store staff know theirs! That’s really special and makes our customers so unique.  

What’s the best quality of our Millers customer?

B – All for one, one for all! I’ve said it already, but just coming back to the idea of the Miller’s family; there’s no them and us - we are one big family. It’s also great that they represent all different Australian women. 
M – They are genuine, real women. They are grandmas, mothers, they’re us! We can relate to each other really well.
J – Our customers are down to earth real women. 

Which of these are your favourite trends this season? *trend alert!*

B – Animal print!
M – Palazzo, soft pants – they’re so comfy!
J – Animal print!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

B- Taking the brand to the next level and giving our customers what they deserve! 
M – I agree with Bec, I’m so excited to be a part of a brand giving back to Australian women and giving them something that’s unique to them. 
J – Miller’s is launching the first new concept store in New Zealand – it’s super exciting!!  

A sneak peak at the tran-seasonal evening wear!

What's your favourite Miller's accessory for the season? 

B – Statement necklaces – you can wear them with a whole range of outfits and mix and match them with your looks. 
M - Scarves – You can wear them 4000 different ways!  I sometimes wear them in my hair, on my head or as a neck scarf; they have such functionality and versatility!
J - Jewellery – You can instantly dress up outfits and add a touch of glam.

Can you give us a tran-seasonal sneak peak? 

B – Its very transient – you can mix the range with last season’s products and with this season’s products - its super versatile. It can go with what’s already in your wardrobe, plus what’s coming out now, so, it’s great value. 
M – There are great dress statement pieces, such as lace dresses and the ‘after 5’ wear has stepped up a level. 
J – It’s very on trend, not over the top, so, anyone can wear it.

The conference also featured a fabulous and fun fashion show displaying new tran-seasonal outfits that will be hitting stores and online soon!

What’s your fondest memory of Millers so far?
B - This conference! It’s easily been the best one I’ve ever been too. There’s a united team and everyone’s on the same page. Everyone’s very passionate and excited and that’s great to see.
M – There is one customer who brings baked goods every fortnight to her local store. Why? Because she felt like Millers was a part of her family and she loves them. It was so great to see such wonderful and strong relationships, and staff who are passionate about their customers. 
J - I don’t have a particular memory, but I love going into stores and seeing customer’s husbands come with them and they would know the staff’s names! It really shows how unique our customers are, and how strong the relationships are. 

What’s your top pick for the season?
B - The wrap – It’s never out of fashion and can be easily infiltrated into your wardrobe. It can make an outfit – you can have a basic outfit and with a wrap it can be lifted into the now. I also love the new knits, they have such a luxurious feel. 
M – The crepe jacket, it’s fantastic value. It’s a statement piece on its own and ladies can dress it up or down. The colour range for the season is very on trend and won’t date quickly. 
J – The new knit wear looks fab! It’s glamorous and practical. The longline cardis, coatigans and jumpers have such soft fabrics. In NZ, it can get so cold and it’s wonderful that we can be warm and stylish.

The conference’s fashion show to give a tran-seasonal sneak peak!

Any last words?

B – We’re on a journey together with our customers and it’s about giving customers what they deserve.  
M – As a customer myself, I’m very excited for the next chapter of millers. 
J – I’m excited about the journey, every step we take is a step closer to give back to our customer.

Team Millers