Looking for a pot plant but cannot find one anywhere? Well, with a little bit of imagination and a sense of fun; you can recycle and transform ordinary household items into the most unexpected and whimsical planters that will brighten up your garden and make you smile.

I love my garden but I am definitely not a green thumb, unfortunately many plants have not survived my lack of watering and general care. Then I discovered succulents, they are the perfect plant for the lazy gardener like me. Succulents like full sun or shade, indoors, outdoors, they don’t seem to mind where you place them or what you plant them in. They can survive with very little water and soil, ideal Australia’s dry conditions and are very easy to propagate.

Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking outside the box, or should I say “pot”:

Fun with Fashion
Do you have a pair of shoes you have worn once and you know they will never be on your feet again, why not turn them into planters, The options are endless, Gum boots, work boots, stilettos and of course the very practical Crocs, which I think look better on a fence than on  my feet. That old handbag with one broken handle, can be re-purposed into a hanging pot plant or that old trunk could be turned into a great garden trough.

Kitchen Kitsch
Old copper pots and pans, cake tins, enamel colanders, a wooden bread box, even an old pot belly stove can make gorgeous homes for your favourite plants. If you have a favourite chipped teacup, rescue it and transform it into a quaint pot plant.

Recycle, Re-purpose, Re-use
I am all for sustainability and I try to be as “green” as possible. Re-purposing old household items is a great way to achieve this. Old tyres, are very difficult to get rid of as rubber does not break down, so reinvent the tyre into a hanging basket, or lay it flat in the garden, paint it your favourite colour, fill it up with soil, add flowers and you now have a lovely  planter. If your pot plant cracks, no need to throw it away, turn it into a living sculpture.

Recently discovered a fantastic local garden nursery called Pre Loved Roots Garden Nursery in Alexandria, they specialise in rescuing and re-homing unwanted plants, so you can donate your old scraggly neglected plants and swap it for a renewed and much healthier plant for a bargain price. For more info go to: http://www.prelovedroots.com.au

So next time you have a spring clean at your home and are about to throw away your old favourite but broken pot, think about your garden and give it a new home, Happy gardening.

Till next time, Julie