Here we give you the 'Millers Guide' on how to wear a pair of jeans comfortably and still look stylish at the same time. Once you have found your perfect pair, they become a timeless piece in your everyday style. They will carry you throughout all the seasons and are the perfect base for both casual and smart looks.

A wardrobe essential is the regular straight leg jean in dark blue. They really are the perfect go-to jean for casual days or even for the more dressy occasions. You can team this with a cotton shirt, a jersey top or even a smarter option, as everything looks great with these straight leg jeans. You can comfortably wear heels, flats or sneakers with this regular straight jean as most shoes will compliment this jean style. If you are planning to wear tall boots, avoid slim openings to prevent your jeans from bunching.

On duty

For a dinner out, pair your regular jeans with black tall boots and a textured black top.Finish the look with layering a stylish teal jacket in emerald blue. Add the final touch of glamour with black drop earrings.

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Off duty

Dress down for a casual weekend brunch with a friend, wearing dark blue jeans with a striped top, a neutral color lightweight jacket and slip on comfy sparkle plimsolls. This look guaranteed to make you feel comfy and make that bold fashion statement at the same time.

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What about the skinny jeans? We prefer to call this the slim fit!  They can really flatter most body types and style tastes. Their ‘close to the body’ cut creates a long and slim look. Choose a dark-coloured denim to appear thinner, keeping in mind that medium washes work well for most figure types as well. In order to balance tight fitting pants, choose a flattering volume up top. If your body type is curvy at the bottom, a flowy blouse or a tunic will be a great choice to achieve the right proportions.

On duty

Glam up for a night out on the town wearing slim fit dark color jeans with a contrast classy, white blouse. Top off your outfit with a sleek, black open jacket and trendy boots. Don’t forget to add some gorgeous accessories like a sparkle broche or a soft scarf for any special occasion.

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Off duty

Casual denim look doesn’t have to be boring. Brighten up your everyday look with a purple, fluffy coatigan which is the perfect layering piece for those chilly Winter evenings. Team up with a colourful matching tunic and beaded detailed boots. Add a touch of sparkle with gorgeous, shiny jewellery.

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