Mum, mom, mamma, mami, madre, mor, majkam mutter, moeder, ammee, taica, ema, okaasan... the list could go on but whatever the language, I'm sure you would agree that this person holds the same dear place in our heart.

This Mother’s Day, Millers HQ along with a special panel of bloggers will be sharing with you our magic moments with mum and why this time of the year is so special for all of us. It's a time to celebrate all that this title holds and a time to reflect and give back to this person who gives so much to everyone one else. 

As you will see in our stores, our theme this Mother's Day is "Magic Moments with Mum" so of course we turned to our own team members at Millers and asked them to share with us their magic moments with their mums. Below are just a few with more stories to come.

"With a strong love for food and family, my magical moments with mum are spent alongside the oven, by the barbecue, over the stove or side-by-side at the dinner table. Together, this is where we can talk, taste and share of the things we love." - Alana, Digital Assistant

"My magical moment with mum was on Christmas Day 2014. When we unwrapped the gifts we'd bought for each other, we realised they were exactly the same box of lipsticks! Further proof that we're crazy similar and share excellent taste" - Ellen, Buying Adim

Keep an eye out via social and make sure you check back in regularly to the blog during the next 3 weeks as our stories unfold. Plus, don't forget to share with us your own magic moments via social media so that we may celebrate our amazing women!