Magic Moments with Mum is dedicated to all the wonderful women in our lives. It’s a way to reflect, relive and to celebrate all the special memories we’ve made along the way. A Magic Moment with Mum looks and feels different to everyone but is united by one universal feeling… Love.

This week we share with you a Magic Moment from our favourite Mother/Daughter style team Samantha and Jordi, of Vibrant concepts.

It’s a well-known fact that working with family is no easy task. But our Sam and Jordi do an exceptional job at making it work. The reason they work so well together is because they love and admire each other completely; as colleagues, as friends, and most importantly as Mother and Daughter. To hear about how this dynamic duo became the dream team they are today, click here to read about their Magic Moment with Mum.

Over the next few weeks we want to hear all about your Magic Moments with Mum. To have your story heard, make sure you share it below or on our Facebook page.

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